Ukrainian Carpathian Herbal Tea – perfect natural drink from Prycarpattya, mountain region on the Western Ukraine. Ecologically clean herbs and berries and unique technology of its preparation and packaging allowing creating a natural product of the highest quality.

For Your attention we are offering variety of teas, every of each are perfect natural help for improving and maintaining your health. All drinks are containing only natural ingredients: herbs or fruits and berries.

Chamomile – tea made from natural petals of chamomile, having pleasant taste, antibacterial and helpful for better digestion.

Spearmint – tea, which will make You feel relaxed, improve work of Your heart and nervous system. Also it works as mild natural painkiller.

Melissa – tea, which is calms the nervous system, stimulates digestion and appetite. Essential oil that is in Melissa, has a pleasant lemon tea flavor.

Linden - The perfect drink with typical honey aroma and unique flavor. Flowers of Linden used as a diaphoretic and antipyretic agent.

Echinacea - Tea with nectar-rich blossoms of Echinacea Purpurea is flawless harmony of excellent taste and medicinal properties. It has a stimulating effect on the body and increases its resistance to colds, regulates the immune system.

Cherry - Fruits of Cherry are widely used as a dietary product that improves appetite and digestion, quenches thirst.

Blueberry - Tea with blueberries has an exquisite aroma and pleasant taste. Blueberry improves the vision and metabolism, as well as their inherent anti-inflammatory action.

Rosehip - a natural source of vitamin C. Tea "Rosehip" is consumed as a preventative and revitalizing drinks. Relieves stress and strengthens the immune system of the body.

Black currant - The fruits of black currant extremely rich in essential oil, pectin and other biologically active elements useful in debilitating diseases.

Raspberry - Tea with raspberries is a drink, created by the nature itself. Raspberry contains vitamins C, B1, B2, use of antipyretic and diaphoretic purposes. A perfect mix of taste, color and aroma.

Forest berries - A mixture of berries from the mountain slopes of the Carpathians gives you a drink with an unbeatable flavor and unforgettable taste full range of useful vitamins so necessary for human body.

Strawberry - Tea with strawberries - a special pleasure in every family, the perfect drink at any time of the day.

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Herbal Tea

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